June 3rd Update

The team from the New Mexico and Texas locations are busy at work in Magdalena this week! Along with branding calves, we are having a photoshoot for Roughout Trading Co., as well as video filmed for the RFDTV Beechfork Ranch Sure in the Saddle series. 

Spring branding is a time for family and friends to gather over good old fashioned hard work, laden with blood, sweat, tears and laughter. Branding at the Beechfork Ranch — Cat Mountain Division involves gathering pastures varying in size - from one to 20 sections in size. After the cows and calves are gathered into catch pens, the hot brands are heated. The calves are then heeled, flanked, branded and ear-notched. The males are castrated. Cows and calves are sorted, after which the cows are wormed and vaccinated.

Posted by Brittany Massey at 8:54 AM