Better Beef

Beechfork Ranch was established on a strong foundation of quality cattle. From our calves used in our cutting horse operation to the steers and heifers we maintain ownership of through the feedlot, our cattle are bred, raised, and handled professionally and with great care. 

Quality genetics is the base of our operation. With the use of natural breeding and AI, our cows and heifers are bred to the nation’s top Angus, Red Angus and Hereford bulls. We utilize cross and rotational breeding systems to maintain strong hybrid vigor in our calves. 

High-quality replacement heifers and pre-conditioned steers are available at all times. Calves available at all stages of production are available, from pre-conditioned weanlings to steers and heifers being fed in our Weatherford, TX feedlot. Red Angus bulls with the highest quality genetics are also available for lease or purchase at our Arkansas ranches.